5 Golden Tip Every Importer Must Know

Importation is a very lucrative business, if you know your ways around it, else people will not be importing back to back and having new people come into the business.

And here are my 5 Golden Tips to maximising  Importation business, and I call it *SEMDA*

-Search: Choose a Niche and search/source for items you'd like to import.

-Estimate the landing cost: you already know the price of the items you want to import, all the fees involved and the rates. Try allocating weights to them, using relative and worst case weights. It's better to over estimate than under estimate.

-Market survey: find out how much these items can be sold for in your local market, try Jumia, Konga, IG and any market place you know. The prices will give you an average price these items can be sold.

-Decide on how much profit you want to make

-Allocate profits and selling prices.

If you do your Importation business following these steps, I'm sure you will make major profit.

*Never sell or allocate price to an item you don't know the market value*

Market survey is very very paramount.

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