Gone are those you when you must travel to import your goods. Now with the use of any internet enabled device, your can run your importation business right from the comfort of your home.

Starting your importation business is now as easy as can be, and the best part is that you can start with little capital.


Yes, I mean that little money in your account can import watches, shoes, bags, phone accessories, clothes, home appliances, toys etc from manufacturers and wholesalers in China.


Before now, many people avoided importation business in Africa because they were meant to believe that the business is for people with huge bank account or people that are connected to politicians, but with the aid of technology, international trade has been made very simple for us all. Just like they say, the amount of Information at your disposal is like a Moto that will determine how far you can go in your entrepreneurial journey.


What is needed to start your Importation business:

a. Your Mobile phone, laptop or any gadget that is internet enabled

b. Valid Phone number and e-mail address

c. A valid address, that your goods will be sent to

d. A start up capital

e. Zeal, passion and determination; Importation like every other business is not without challenges, you must look beyond its challenges and aspire to succeed at it. The beginning may seem rough, but by the time you repeat the process, record every challenges you encountered and try to better the next transaction, with time you will become a pro.


Having put all these in place, you should start your importation business right away, from the comfort of your home.

For Practical Guide on Your Imporation journey, click  this FREE IMPORTATION GUIDE