Like I stated in my previous post, you don’t have to travel to import goods anymore, you can import your goods right from your house from abroad via some e-commerce sites. Your can import from USA, TURKEY and even VIETNAM. But when it comes to consumer goods, we recommend CHINA.


Why China?

At the moment, China is the biggest market for manufacturing innovative and cheap products in the world. I know what comes to our minds when we hear Made In China Goods, we think they must be fake.

Truth is that China can give you any quality of products you want, and those seemingly fake items were purposely imported by those who want it that way. You can also import top quality products from China, as a matter of fact, most of your designers have their factories in China. HP, LV etc and this is because the cost of production is very cheap in China, the only thing is that these companies have model standards and they ensure the company manufactures products to meet their required standards.

So many American stores import from china, you go import from them and you feel you have imported the original stuff because it's from the USA. Do you see where it's written Made in China? We have a lot of people who import from China via us and sell on Amazon and eBay.

There are numerous ecommerce websites in Asia and Europe you can visit to search for items to import, but since we have chosen to import from China, we are going to focus on Chinese sites. Even in China, there are also many sites like AliExpress, Dhgate, Taobao, 1688 etc. But we are going to be focusing on



a* Other Chinese sites like AliExpress and DHgate run a B2C kind of Ecommerce and are for international trading, making the prices of items and exchange rate a bit high, these will play on the final product prices. Not to mention the exorbitant shipping fee and long duration.

But is pure Chinese sites and for Chinese shipping only. They operate on B2B Ecommerce system the items are priced in Yuan making it cheaper. We all know that Nigeria budget is now in Yuan, and very soon we will be using more yuan that dollar, so wouldn't you rather have transactions in Yuan?

b* 1688 unlike other Chinese sites is where most manufacturers sell their products, what this means is that there is a high percent chance that you will be buying directly from manufacturers when you buy from

This also makes 1688 the cheapest Chinese site.

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