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Q: What goods do you term as HK and Ghz goods?
Ans: *HK goods* Sensitive Goods: Wristwatches, Anything with battery, solar panel, Bluetooth items, Cream, Oil, Liquid, Powder, Tea, Cosmetics, Pills, Drugs, Some electronics. *GHz goods* Normal goods: Shoes(exclude kids shoes with lights), Bags, Hairs, Clothes, Personal non battery items, Jewelry, Etc
Q: Can I change delivery address after placing order?
Ans: Yes, you can and you don’t have to edit your profile if the change of location is temporary. Because we only read your address while processing your order, so any changes on your profile may not be noted. Just chat the staff that processed your order and he/she will note the new delivery address.
Q: Apart from online importation, do you also procure for offline goods?
Ans: Yes, we do, we carry out factory inspection, and also carry out offline bulk purchases. kindly contact us for more information to this.
Q: Can you help me buy and consolidate alone?
Ans: Yes we can, but we have our T&C to this, kindly contact us.
Q: Can you help me pay for goods alone?
Ans: Yes we do.
Q: Can I cancel my order after payment?
Ans: Yes, you can, if the order has not been placed. But we will only refund 60% of the service fee you were charged, as we have already served you.
Q: What if any of my item is out of stock?
Ans: Usually, we check for the availability of items before we pay for them, but we realized that sometimes these suppliers don’t regularly update their stocks. So it’s possible that after payments, the vendor will tell us that the item is no longer available. And most of the time when this happens, we will try to replace with the same item if the time of order is not long spent, else we will contact you for possible refunds or you get a replacement. Kindly note that we don’t refund the service fees and we do have our refund rate, which is a little lower than the paid rates and this is due to differences in FOREX
Q: Do you check and confirm the quality/nature of goods you procure?
Ans: All online orders we procure are ordered directly from the exact links you provided us with and we can’t possibly tell the quality of every item we procure, so you are responsible for the quality of what you are ordering, we only ensure that the items are not damaged and that quantity matches what you ordered. Also note that sometimes these vendors don’t send the exact sizes and colours you specified. This doesn’t mean we made a mistake with your order, the vendors simply send the next available specifications they have when what you ordered is not available.
Q: Can I pick up my goods before paying for logistics fee?
Ans: Once or before your goods arrive, we expect that you have paid for your logistics as we don’t keep goods and delay may incur demurrage charges.

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