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Rivers state, Nigeria

1010 Grand Avenue


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8B BrainField East-West Road PHC, Rivers, NG +234(0)8039343754

Our Logistics Rate

Procurement fee; 5-8% of your total goods amount paid for. This fee is designed to be flexible according to the nature of your order, upon your order processing, you will be told your exact fee.

International logistics fee (Shipping, Clearance fees and/or Tax fees)

We also do Sea shipping, kindly contact us if this is your preferred shipping means.

China to Nigeria

China to Nigeria

(Rate is shipping and clearance inclusive)


Air cargo shipping

  • *Normal goods -- $8.9/kg (7-10days)
  • *Sensitive goods -- $10.5/kg (10-14days)
  • *Battery(phone) -- $11/kg (10-14days)


Express Shipping -- $11.5/kg (2-4days)

For Sensitive goods express shipping, contact us

China To Ghana

China to Ghana

(Rate is shipping and clearance inclusive)


Air Cargo Shipping


  • Normal goods(4-7days)
    • 0kg-10kg ----> $9.6/kg
    • 10.1kg - 30kg ----> $9/kg
    • 31> -----> $8.5/kg


  •  Sensitive goods (14-20days)
    • 0kg-10kg ----> $11.5/kg
    • 10.1kg - 30kg ----> $11/kg
    • 31> -----> $10.5/kg

China to Zambia

China to Zambia

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