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Importation Terms & Conditions

❏ We expect you already understand importation procedures and how to place an order. As scattered/invalid links order may be given less attention, so kindly contact us if you still need assistance in that area, and we will gladly put you through.

❏ In other to curb wasteful placing of order, for people who just place order for fun and don’t go ahead with the order without any reason, you have to pay a non-refundable fee of $5 or its equivalent first before your order will be processed, which will be deducted from your total goods fee after processing before you pay. The staff that will attend to you will explain better. So only fill the order form when you are ready to place an order, as it costs data and time processing these orders.

❏ Minimum Order price is $50 or its equivalent. This means your entire order shouldn't be below the stated amount.

❏ Our procurement fee of 5%-10% is made to be progressive, to be charged according to the nature of your order. You will be charged accordingly and this will be related to you at the processing stage, before you pay.

❏ For offline or direct payments, we expect that you have a prior understanding and agreement with any individual or company before you ask us to directly pay to them on your behalf. Ensure they have earned your trust, as we will not be held responsible in the case of any money loss incurred by direct payment.

❏ After your order is processed, kindly make payments within the next 48hrs or the order will be cancelled.

❏ We will not be held responsible for any loss or damaged incurred for orders which we send to another shipping company or agent, as we cease to be in control of them. We will only provide details concerning the order before we hand over.

❏ Our exchange rates are clearly stated on this site, kindly refer to them while making payments as that’s the rates we use for transactions.

❏ We do not ship out orders until all goods have been received at our Chinese warehouse. However, in a situation you want us to ship in installments according to how we receive, we will state our conditions to that effect as its not our norm.

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